American Polo Versaille Bed Mattress Double Layer with Memory Foam Topper - White/Beige - Height 30 cm

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Made of premium quality fabric for a soft feel and filled with reinforced edges that prevent stuffing from coming out
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Versailles Bed Mattress from In House

Number of layers: 16 layers

Degree of softness
6 out of 10

The weight of one person is 100 kilograms
The weight of the two people is 200 kilograms

Mattress height: 30 cm
This mattress can be used on one side (some types of mattresses in In House can be used on two sides)

Layers from top to bottom:
1- A layer of high-density fabric
2- A layer of sponge with a height of 8 mm, woven with the upper fabric in a modern design
3- A layer of soft Milton foam, characterized by softness and shock absorption, with a height of 2 cm
4- A layer of high softness sponge, 1.5 cm high
5- A layer of cloth that insulates bacteria and dust
6- A layer of pressure-resistant memory foam, 2 cm high
7- A layer of high-pressure sponge, 4 cm high
8- A layer of high-thickness fabric
9- A layer of felt, 2 cm high
10- A layer of high-pressure felt with a height of 8 mm prevents the feeling of springs
11- 16 cm height, 456 springs (for size 200x200 cm, and the number of springs decreases depending on the smaller size of the mattress)
12- A layer of felt prevents access to the springs
13- A layer of high-pressure sponge, 2 cm high
14- Layer of high-density fabric
15- 8 mm sponge layer stitched with fabric
16- A layer of antibacterial insulating cloth

The mattress features a steel frame surrounding the mattress on the upper side to maintain the durability of the mattress.

Note: To preserve your mattress, use a mattress protector, which will prolong its lifespan and make it healthier.

Available sizes:

Warranty period: 10 years
This is when the mattress drop in more than 3 cm. To view the terms of the warranty, please visit the warranty page

Exclusively made in In House factories
More Information
Weight (kg) 41.000000
Model Name VBM13-V
Height (cm) 30
Warranty 10 Year
Number of Layers 16
Weight Limit High Weight - more than 120 kg
Brand American Polo
Number of Useable Sides One Side
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Product values American Polo Versaille Bed Mattress Double Layer with Memory Foam Topper - White/Beige - Height 30 cm