General terms and conditions of the site

  • The guarantee is only valid if the original invoice is present.
  • We guarantee the return or exchange of the product within 3 days from the date of receipt of the product, provided that it is in its original sold condition without removing or opening the packaging.
  • If the product is returned or exchanged after receiving it, deducting the delivery value.
  • The warranty does not include dirt, breaks in the product, or any damage resulting from misuse.
  • Products with special sizes, specifications, bespoke or beds are not returned or exchanged.
  • The company guarantees delivery of products only once within the cities in which they are located. Otherwise, the customer bears any additional costs.
  • In the case of a return, payment is not made in cash to the customer, but is transferred to the customer’s personal account, and this procedure takes from 7 to 14 working days.
  • The customer must sign the receipt upon receipt of the products.
  • The company is not responsible for detaining the goods for more than 45 days from the date of purchase.
  • We would like to note that the customer has a grace period for free storage of up to 10 days from the specified delivery date. During this period, the customer can enjoy free storage of his order without charging any fees. Note that if the receipt date is confirmed and this is not possible, a 10% storage fee will be charged for each week after the end of the specified free period. If the customer wishes to change the pickup or delivery time, please contact the delivery official or customer service and request a postponement a maximum of 48 hours before receiving the order. .
  • Medical pillows, insulators and mattresses cannot be exchanged or returned after purchase because they are personal products.
  • The company is responsible for ensuring the products, delivering them, and maintaining them within the cities in which they are located. Otherwise, the customer will bear any additional costs.
  • The company is not responsible for the safety of the products if they are not connected to the company’s vehicles.
  • Supported cities are the cities in which the company has branches.
  • In the event of any ambiguity or disagreement regarding the return and exchange policy or warranty, refer to the laws of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • In the event of a failure to deliver or refuse to receive the order, it will be canceled within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of shipment.
  • The discount code for the application "App5" deducts 5% of the invoice value, up to a maximum of 50 riyals.
  • Please note that a fixed home visit fee of 50 riyals is charged for warranty services covered by the products.


Terms and conditions of the 30-day sleep trial:

1 Duration of the experiment:
a. The trial period is calculated from the date of receipt of the product, not the date of purchase.
b. The customer is entitled to an exchange within a period of 30 days only, and is not entitled to a cash refund.
c. The customer gets the value of the exchanged product back in the form of purchase credit.
2 Conditions for using the product:
a. The sleeper's weight must not exceed 200 kilograms per person.
b. The product must be clean, not torn or dirty.
c. The liquid protection layer must not be removed from the mattress during the trial period.
d. The warranty policy for mattresses must be adhered to during the trial period, which is as follows:
i. Do not place the mattress on a mattress base that contains spaces (spaced panels)
ii. Do not place the mattress on spring bases, beds with widely spaced wooden boards, damaged or broken wooden bases, or any damage resulting from misuse.
3 Replacement mechanism:
a. Communicate with customer service during the trial period, and do not refrain from delivering the product if the representative arrives to receive it.
b. Keep the original purchase invoice. And share a picture of it when requesting a replacement.
c. Send a photo of the product to verify that it meets the exchange conditions.
d. Select the replacement product and pay the difference, if any, or choose to keep the order value as a non-refundable purchase credit.
4 Replacement value: The customer receives the full value of the mattress, purchase credit, excluding shipping costs or payment upon delivery, which are non-refundable.
5 Product exchange costs: The customer bears the cost of replacing the product if the customer is within the company’s delivery range, which are the cities mentioned in the free shipping areas, and the replacement cost is 200 riyals. If the customer is more than 20 km away from the outskirts of the cities included in the delivery, the customer will bear the cost of returning the product to the company.
6 Care instructions:
a. Using a mattress protector and changing it periodically (at least once a week) extends the life of the mattress and makes it healthier.
b. It is recommended to rotate the mattress once a month
c. Exposing the mattress to direct sunlight kills fungi and bed bugs